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Carl Franklin / Country: USA / 90 Minutes / Vietnam, 1968. Army Headquarters has written off Captain Fahey's men as Missing In Action after they were fighting deep over enemy lines. Cut off from their platoon, they must fight their way back, or die! A true story of bravery and courage set amidst the chaos of war, and witness the gripping conclusion to the bloodiest day in American war history / average ratings: 6,2 of 10

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Last Stand at Lang Mei (1989. Full Cast & Crew. Last Stand at Lang Mei (1989) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. I endured this on a chartered bus trip from Bangkok to Surat Thani, in south Thailand. Southeast Asian tour buses catering to the backpacker crowd always play bad videos at deafening volume, and it seems some Thai tour operator thought this was what we would like- or maybe someone was trying to be funny. On this particular bus the air conditioner had broken down, so we also were hot, and cramped. So maybe it was just the circumstances that ruined the film for me, but I recall only bad acting and an incoherent plot, which had something to do with an American being held captive, and then somebody blew something up, and then a lot of things got blown up. I was stuck in my uncomfortable seat long enough that I began to identify with the captive, however, and in my misery I examined one actor very closely until it dawned on me- that's Steve Kanaly! Steve Kanaly is best known as Ray Ewing on Dallas, and he also bears an uncanny resemblance to my dad. Unfortunately this would have been lost on most of the others, as few of them were American and fewer still knew my dad. So I kept my thoughts to myself. Then we stopped at a little roadside restaurant and had beer and green curry, and I tried to forget.

I've never seen such a realistic movie about Vietnam! I've been in Vietnam for 6 months (1971) and I have to admit that, when I saw this film, I found myself back in Nam! I've seen many films and TV series about Vietnam but this is the absolutely BEST one! It shows you how the soldiers their realy felt and acted! I am proud to be a Charlie Ranger! God bless America, the US Army and my Stoner.




Would you please upload the whole movie if u can... thankz. السلام عليكم... ابحث عن فلم لا اعرف اسمه... تدور أحداثه حول بنت صحفيه تجمع عدد من المحاربين القدامى الامريكان الذين شاركو في حرب فيتنام وتذهب معهم ليسردو ما دار هناك من معارك... ارجوا المساعده منكم... شكرا.


This film is a slog to get through. Rest in peace JOHNNY HALLYDAY the best french singer. Thank you for this movie 🏆. Dec.13,2019. Dec,16,2019. In my 2 1/2 years spend in Viet Nam from 1966 to 1969 we were told any number of crazy reasons why we were involved inwhat essentially was a civil war between north and south Viet Nam. We had the stated objective at one time of denying the south RVN's Rice fileds to the communist regime, then it switched to the principle of defending democracy in the RVN, i mean come on, what democracy. there never was a democracy, it was a republic, and not a vey nice one at that. Casualties on both sides were of the charts for no discernile good reason. Think about that. Bộ phim nào của mỹ cũng vậy,người mỹ hơn thế giới về trang bị chứ về tinh thần ko so với nga,nhật,đức,càng ko thể so với việt nam.

Three villages composed the Iron Triangle it was named as a bomb dump and excess weapons were unloaded here. Always fire came from this area and nothing could be found till late in the war. The tunnels of Ko Chi are what composed the triangle. A tank complete was found embedded in a underground tunnel and a 105 pack cannon that was disassembled and hiden underground. Cover an area over 60 kilometers.

Phim vớ vẩn. Johnny Hallyday. This is actually WAY ABOVE AVERAGE. Good upload. Good movie. Two Filipino actors. PLS GET ME THIS AMERCAN WAR MOVIE THE IRON TRIANGLE. Nice movie 👌👌👌. HAHAHAAH THIS MOVE APPRECIATED HERE. Johnny hallyday. un militaire. lol. un bouffon. mdr 43:48. Well.i will not my car in the fire zone😆😆😆😆. There was man and like me. Haven't watched this in many as good now as then. Làng mây là trận thắng lớn của Quân đội nhân dân Việt Nam. Đây là nỗi hổ thẹn cực lớn của Mỹ vì đây là căn cứ của biệt kích tinh nhuệ nhất của họ mà bị đánh tơi bời. Nực cười ở chỗ thay vì hổ thẹn vì không thắng nổi đất nước nhỏ bé thuộc thế giới thứ 3 nhưng vẫn làm phim anh hùng 1 cân 10 để thủ dâm tinh thần.




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