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Good movie. Dice mi Tita q ella bailaba esa música y eran faulosas. Song from 0:28 please. Ellos son perfectos y este tema resume la gran quimica de ellos dos. John and Olivia are so cute together.


0:57 OOOOOOOOOOOOFFF. LA MAS HERMOSA HISTORIA DE AMOR EN LOS 80'S LA PAREJA IDEAL. QUE RECUERDOS DE JUVENTUD. TE ACUERDAS NORMITA. I remember watching two of a kind all the time when I was like 3 4 5 6 and I remember watching Greece when I was like 3 and i then grew up obsessed with Olivia newton john Like I still have both DVDs from when I was like 3.

Buelvo a insistir   si alguien tiene la pelicula porfavor de donde la veia vorraron todas las peliculas. 9:48 i'm crying 😭. La novia de el, se llamaba Diana Hyland, una senora mayor, pero bien hermosa. He's soooooooooooooooooooooo cute. 😁 mi escena favorita. Olivia and John SHOULD have waited some 3 or 4 years and make GHOST. Olivia was PERFECT for the part Demi Moore played. In addition, they could have had Stockard Chanming for the part Woopie played. WHAT A GREAT RE UNITION that would have been. If they had gotten married maybe they wouldn't even be friends now. Love the way they enter act they are so good together.

Same with tom cruise. This movie's unintentional humor is just as funny as the real humor intended to be. There's a lot to watch for here, the once-hot trendy hairstyles hairstyles, edible sunglasses, an small role by an up-and-coming Kathy Bates, are all in here. John's physique was still lookin' hot from "Stayin' Alive" waxed chest and all) and Olivia's "Physical" haircut had grown out to a nice length by this time. Their clothes and hair are classic mid-80s. I'm sure it was a refreshing change for ONJ from the peasant dress she wore in "Xanadu. The plot is incidental, but an added reason to see this film is the wonderful presence of the late actors Scatman Crothers, Oliver Reed, and Beatrice Straight (a dramatic actor who inexplicably made this one of her only comedic roles. Reed is a pleasure to watch, and Crothers is as jovial here as he was playing Kick the Can in "Twilight Zone: The Movie." They should have realized what they had and made it more campy; but hey, as long as we're in on the joke. This should play on local UHF stations Saturday or Sunday afternoons in a double bill with the Carol Burnett/Alan Arkin film, Chu Chu and the Philly Flash.

Olivia was perfect. Wow, he was so handsome. My school put on Grease the musical, and I loved it. it was so cool to hear all the different songs and see the different scenes come together. I personally love grease. Man this movie was a childhood i know practically every song on the soundtrack Jesus Christ. What a lovely interview. How smitten he is with Olivia. Such great life long friends.




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