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Brief - After being dumped by his girlfriend, 23-year-old slacker extraordinaire Simon Keenan learns there is more to life than crashing high school parties, working at a video game store, and the narrow minded suburban town he lives in. Simon struggles to find a sense of direction in his life, especially when his mother is an overly zealous born-again, his best friend aspires to be the biggest pot head in the world, and Simon's pig of a boss is a 43-year-old virgin still living at home; ratings - 8,6 / 10; Comedy; Audience Score - 19 Vote; Countries - USA

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Am i the only who watches this and gets chills every time i watch this. When the trailer was better than the movie. Is he still alive? Any updates on his kid wife ect.



2 0 1 9 And 2 0 2 0 And someone see this movie once more. I will miss Moira Mactaggert a lot in Dark Phoenix. She was a perfect match for Professor Charles Xavier. For me one of my top 5 movies. If you dont understand human feeling, dont watch this movie. If you dont understand movie art, dont watch this movie. If you know, whats mean GOOD MOVIE, then watch this movie.






This movie is actually the beginning of the Phoenix saga. In the beginning of this trailer, you see Jean having a dream about the destruction of the world. But that isn't En Sabah Nur (Apocalypse) causing it. Its actually her. When she becomes Dark Phoenix. SPOILER ALERT. When she is fighting apocalypse, he says all is revealed meaning Jean will be the true apocalypse. Why did Chloë not say a word this entire trailer.

Is Apocalypse played by Oscar Isaac.




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