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Year - 2005 / Duration - 1 h 30 Minute / Writers - Dan Masucci / genres - Drama / Director - Dan Masucci

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The Last Round Drama



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The`Last`FULL`MOVIE`1080P Watch The Last Full Movie Online Found on the website The Last. The Last Round full movie yesmovies. I saw this movie at a special screening and went just to support the cast. I am so glad they invited me! This movie was so thought provoking. It is one thing to watch a video of friends and places that you know but another thing altogether to watch a well shot movie that just happens to have your friends in it. The art in this movie is great, from the circular table in the dark room, to the shot of lattice work on the porch. The twists keep coming and the story is well written. This movie falls in the genre of psychological thriller. You sense the torture each player (well, almost each) goes through to bring them to the game and the scenes with Percy are heart wrenching. Add in the fact that they included comic relief and you get a well rounded movie.

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The last round of The Game Awards' Player's Voice is LIVE

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