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Country - USA
Release year - 2018

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Blasphemy. When you know its gonna be a found footage, you should hardly expect it to show what you expect. Very few movies actually show what they advertise in a found footage movie yet some people still whine about the movie showing nothing. Its not a great movie agreed. It was a simple scary setup and the movie actually did its job pretty well I think. The boring first 40 minutes created all the ruckus and anticipation whereas the last 20 minutes gave a sense of chill and a tense moment which very few horror movies can keep up for so long. I'd say 7/10 and the best bigfoot movie yet.

I think, it's John Hawkes Oscar time. Metallica would be so proud of Wonder Woman literally Riding the Lightning. 0:27 XD. That movie sucked. If this sucks I'm finding Joe Rogan! 💥🤛😂. I'm addicted to this trailer now. I watch it like everyday.




Everyone: no Mushu? Me: WHERES THE CRICKET. Looks soooooo good. Seems to only have any action at the end. Squatchin' with Bobcat Goldthwait at the helm. The only badass Disney ‘princess isnt even a princess at all, it just makes Mulan even cooler. Out of all the live action remakes they have done, this one by far looks the best and it isnt even out yet. I hope this movie kicks ass. Mulan is one of my favorite Disney movies. Idk why but I really like Pedro Pascal's line delivery Life is good, but it can be better. Me: is it rated R? Marvel: no its rated PG-13, enough fun for the famil- Me: bye.




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