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Prison for Children is a TV movie starring Raphael Sbarge, Kenneth Ransom, and Jonathan Chapin. Sentenced to incarceration until 21, a boy plans his desperate escape / directed by=Larry Peerce / Score=49 Vote / genre=Drama / Jonathan Chapin

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Yet another TV film that attempts to shed light on a pressing social issue(juvenile offenders and the facilities that are supposed to protect and rehabilitate them)but instead exploits it's more tawdry side. A teenage boy who perpetually runs afoul of the law is sent to a youth home for boys where intimidation, stabbings, and gang rape are the norm. Perhaps John Ritter conned himself into believing that making this film might actually make a difference(he's the new superintendant of the school who tries to pass reforms) or maybe he was just trying to pay the rent between THREE'S COMPANY and HOOPERMAN. No intimidation-in-the-shower scenes that I can recall, and no graphic violence(all the rapes and what-not are performed off-camera. Still, the very mention of these things in a boys' home(and all the homosexual overtones)must have been pretty risque, even in the eighties. A companion film to BORN INNOCENT.

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