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countries: USA. Duration: 88 Min. Rating: 6,5 of 10. story: Four retired mobsters plan one last crime to save their retirement home. Actors: Dan Hedaya

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Am I the only one which uses cockpit camera mode😂. I figured I'd rent this movie since you all know I'm a big Burt Reynolds fan. Well it was somewhat of a dissapointment but at the same time, it did have its funny moments. Burt was always funny, this one he was okay but it wasn't as good. It was pretty funny when he worked at Burger King. The actors did a good job, it's just that it wasn't the most entertaining flick. 6/10. N I C E. Came to hear this awesome background music.

I want a movie of The Crew.
Does anybody know what the song before the first race is.
Year 2069 the Xbox xxx Will release and it will have like 40TB storage and with that they release forza horizon 10 and the map will be the whole world.

2:15 The Crew 1 vs The Crew 2

Awesome Game. Did any of you realised that only the road was moving and not the car... 0:27 Next level alchemy. Ubisoft makes so good cinematic trailers. Wtf wtf wtf omg O.M.G got full goosebumps seeing this for first time now that too in my home theater. Game name the crew right? E. P. I. C. Police: Do you have an Drive Licence hanedafz: Yes but no. Nobody Youtube:remember this? Me:oh hell yeah.




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