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Luca Guardabascio / Genre Mystery / Andrea Doria: Are the Passengers Saved? is a movie starring Don Most, Mike Stoller, and Marco Ricca. Pierette, who survived the catastrophic Andrea Doria-Stockholm collision as a 9-year-old immigrating to America with her / Duration 80min / Countries USA

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This is my most favorite chipwreck... IT was hit by a diferent ship. Be careful. @nick87265 actually sir, it was July 25th 1956 @BorisGodunov I agree with your claim, it was more along the lines of a more infamous maritime disaster more over the worst shipwreck in history but any loss of life whether it be one person or 100, it's a horrible thing. Cool! I wish I had one of the captian related to me. One of my friends uncles was a passenger on the Andrea Doria.

Sadly got accidently burnt down in New York harbor by some sloppy welder in 1943. At 11.00 at night. I appreciate your bringing this subject,Piero Calamia's travail,to can be the worst feeling all,and that he died feeling culpable was a 's all before my time but he seems like a great man. So, now you know that. Isn't that the ship were all those people were murdered by Nazi bandits who had their sights set on gold bars in the ships storage but somehow they and the whole ship dissapeared and rumors dispearsed that they're souls were being harvested so a forsaken could find salvation.

Andrea is a atalian liner sorry for the bad spelling lol. I think the Swedish captain, who read 12 miles distance when it was 4 miles, was at fault. If he had read the actual distance they would not have hit. Captains had procedures for navigating through fog, which they followed, and which would have worked.




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