Runtime: 1 hour, 41minutes; reviews: Jingi naki tatakai: Chôjô sakusen is a movie starring Bunta Sugawara, Akira Kobayashi, and Tatsuo Umemiya. Conflicts between Hirono's family and Yamamori's family (and their allies) are made more tense by the ambitious underlings; score: 817 vote; Cast: Akira Kobayashi; user rating: 8,2 / 10

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Battlelines have been set between Shozo, Akashi, and Uchimoto clans versus Yamamori, Takeda, Hayakawa and Shinwa clans. With the 1963 Olympics right around the way, the Police presence of Japan is at an all time high. They make a vow to the general public to put a stop to all Yakuza crime by any means
. br> The War is declared when Hayakawa bombs Uchimoto Hiroshima base. Fukuda, Uchimoto's underboss, makes it his personal duty to kill Hayakawa. Makihara starts attacking Shozo's troops in Kure while Shozo is in Hiroshima for Yamamori. Shozo is looking for reinforcements to strengthen lines; while Uchimoto is still beefing with Shozo he brings in the Kawada clan to "assist" and Akashi gets Shozo in touch with Okajima and the Gisei Group, Gambling Businessman of Hiroshima. Okajima prefers to stay neutral for he has ties to Yamamori, but Shozo convinces him otherwise.
While Shozo is away in Hiroshima, his underboss gets killed in Kure. Shozo is ready for war but Okubo (on Yamamori's side) convinces him to lay low and rebuild in Kure. Takeda deals with Yamamori's cheapness as the police close in on their black market affairs. He devises a plan to squeeze out everybody close to Shozo one by one.
After two clients of Uchimoto gets killed in freak altercation, the public outcry's for increased police presence. The media gets involved and the police start creating task forces to crack down on all yakuza violence. When Uchimoto leaves town, his clan and Hayakawa start warring again. The result leads to two of Uchimoto underbosses deaths and police arrests on all sides and surveillance of all bosses.
During all the uproar in Hiroshima, the Akashi and Shinwa clans of Kobe are making truces. Shozo, fearing he'll miss his chance to kill Yamamori, designs a plan to stage a memorial service for their fallen underboss and raid the Yamamori compound at night. But Yamamori catches wind of their plan, and blackmails Uchimoto to sell Shozo out. Yamamori then calls the cops on Shozo for violation of parole and he gets 7 years in jail.
With Shozo out the picture, Makihara restarts the war in Kure. Okajima attempts to get Kawada to join the fight but he refuses. Takeda places a tail on Okajima to keep him safe, but when Yamamori catches wind he sends hitmen out to kill Okajima. Takeda pulls out the frontline, and since Uchimoto is tapdancing around his men decide to go out and bomb Yamamori club and office on their own.
Yamamori puts his underbosses under fire when he places more faith in the police to keep him safe than them. Some of Uchimoto's men go out to kill Yamamori but Uchimoto snitches to stop the assassination. Upset at their boss betrayal, the men set out on the streets again and start a gun battle with Hayakawa's men. Fed up with the violence, the police arrest Uchimoto, Eda, and Yamamori on gang activities.
With the absence of Yamamori, Akashi teams with Gisei to takeover Hiroshima, and only Takeda stands opposing them. After failed attempts to reconcile the violence, Takeda starts bombing Akashi bases. Akashi, thinking Shinwa is behind the bombings, starts attacking both Takeda and Shinwa's clans and all hell breaks loose. Kawada puts a hit out on Gisei Captain to take them down and seize control of West Hiroshima.
With the arise of infighting, the Akashi clan decides to make a truce with Shinwa clan and return to Kobe. Shozo is left to serve a 7 year sentence while Uchimoto, Eda, and Yamamori get light sentences. The War of Hiroshima has come to a close, with no real victor.







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Jingi naki tatakai. Chōjō sakusen (DVD video, 2004. Police Tactics (1974. Release Info. As Japan gears up for the 1964 Olympic games, the cops start to crack down on the gangs, under pressure from the public and the press, adding a new dimension in the war for power among the yakuza families of Hiroshima.

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