1 h 45Minutes Summary Bizalom is a movie starring Ildikó Bánsági, Péter Andorai, and Oszkárné Gombik. During WW2 Hungarian resistance hides a married couple from the officials. The woman is sent to act as the wife of one of the resistance members who is actor Ildikó Bánsági writed by István Szabó Country Hungary

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This was shown as part of a festival of films by Szabo Istvan at the National Gallery of Art Feb-March 08. nga dot spense and tension is superbly developed. The ensemble work among actors, director, and cinematographer remind you of the best of Carroll Reed's films. Except they are all better. The male lead must have been the George Clooney of his day in Hungary. What does it mean to trust, surrender, take and give sexual intimacy, and love when you are explicitly denying your identity and suspect what even your love for your spouse? The print was excellent. The English subtitles were projected below the screen. I hope this means a transfer to DVD can be and will be released. I would rent or buy this for at least one more viewing. This is a more personal and affecting film than Szabo's "Sunshine." See it if you have a chance, even before Szabo's other, bigger films. (Colonel Redl, Mephisto, Hanussen...





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