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French Bashing


He looks more like a vampire in this than he was in. .u know.


Soooooooooooooo. what does this have to do with our 50th state

Denerve is. oh! dies happy. I just realized that Robert Pattinson would make a great Mad King. I mean he looks like the Mad King. Or he could play any other Targeryan. Yes lets make funny of Americans while our country burns. The world isn't fun and games. He was so good in this film. This looks horrible. مشركة ارسل دعوة. I just saw this today, and was utterly surprised about how clever a twist it was. I even burst out laughing.

Best Part of the Film easily and is easily one of the best and most under appreciated actors in the business. Absolutely Phenomenal. Hes an unbelievably talented actor. French Bashing is Back. Thanks 🤦‍♂️😥😫🇨🇵. As an Anglo who lived in France for 2 1/2 years in Lyon and Biarritz. Robert's French Accent in English, as an a native Anglo. it's pretty good. lol.

Outlaw King and now The King, keep them coming Netflix. Its going to be very interesting when we see him as Bruce Wayne/Batman since it seems like he could play the hell out of a role as the Joker. A snarky movie basically making fun of America and brave Netflix, pass. It's amazing how an English king's war to invade France can be portrayed as a heroic anti-war story in the favour of the English. I'm not surprised they had to get an English actor (albeit one as talented as Pattinson) to play the French prince as his character is basically a caricature, even by Shakespearean standards. Us, french, still have the most victories ever.





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