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Description=Choices is a TV movie starring George C. Scott, Jacqueline Bisset, and Melissa Gilbert. A 19 year old girl suddenly finds herself pregnant. Not wanting to face motherhood or dealing with the consequences of a child, she contemplates

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Director=David Lowell Rich

country=USA, Canada

Creator=Judith Parker

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I love this movie. Sony needs to get better Hollywood actors in their movie game games. Quantum Break has numerous stars. Step it up Sony and youre a movie company, that's a joke. Estou aguardando muito este jogo. When Ed comes in, damn, all the feels 😭. Gidet knows how to enjoy. She is so classy.😁😁. It's awesome.


For January 1999 it might not be provacitive. But for 1986 it was. It was for that period a gutsy TV movie to make. That 10 year age gap tho lol looks very watch it on a cold rainy day as noise in the background while I look through instagram. That's the life... Thank god I'm not the only one who fan cast Mary as Kenna & Bash as Dom. Who else thinks that the actress looks like Kristen Stewart. Muy bueno. 0:42 the most fake belly I have ever seen. Thought I was watching an if I stay trailer. Nothing like the book. Disgraceful to romanticize Nazis like this.

Melissa Gilbert is Terry Granger, the 19 year old law student daughter of 62 year old New York retired judge Evan (George C Scott) and his 38 year old wife former concert pianist Marisa (Jacqueline Bisset. Terry finds she is pregnant to her ex-boyfriend medical student Scott (Steven Flynn) and must face her father's objections to her having an abortion. The issue becomes complicated when Marisa too becomes pregnant.
Gilbert wears her wavy brown hair in a short triangle style and gives spunk to Terry as a rebellious teen. We see Terry swimming laps in a one-piece suit, wearing an American Rock Café waitress uniform, and dancing in a low-backed short slinky shiny black dress wearing glitter eye make-up. Although she can't match Scott's intensity, Gilbert tries hard, smiling at one of his jokes, and using an effective pause before answering a question. She is vulnerable when telling Scott about the pregnancy, and touching when crying with Marisa, though later she squeezes her eyes to force the tears.

The teleplay by Judith Parker includes pro-choice and the right-to-lifer's via picketing outside a clinic, and the treatment is free of cliché. Director David Lowell Rich uses an odd low angle for Terry's dancing, and presents Bisset unflatteringly. She doesn't embarrass herself opposite Scott, who is gruff and funny, but she does have a stream-of-consciousness monologue in a church that she strains to perform.



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