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1997 / writed by Michael Zack / Actors Al Hodge / TV Guide Looks at Science Fiction is a TV movie starring William Shatner, Don Hastings, and Al Hodge. A history of science-fiction programs on television

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release Year 2011 liked It 102 vote Resume Carlos Mencia is back with his extended and uncensored full-length special, New Territory. This is Carlos like you've never seen him before, but he still gives you the bold opinions and hysterical observations that have made him one of today's most popular and successful comedians Carlos Mencia Runtime 60Minute

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stars - John Moses, Kerry Coddett / Genre - Comedy / writer - Amber Rollo / runtime - 19 Minutes

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Azra is a movie starring Dara Dzokic, Mladen Nelevic, and Semka Sokolovic-Bertok. Azra a woman major in the partisan army, who fought the Germans in World War II, returns to her home village, which she helped to liberate. Although
39 vote
Ratings - 6,7 / 10
country - Yugoslavia
Creators - Zlata Kurt

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liked it: 50 votes / USA / Donald Sutherland / Release date: 2000

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Rating - 10 votes

creator - David Ben Ari

year - 2008

countries - Israel

Description - Maftir is a movie starring Jonathan Uziel, Arik Mishali, and Liron Levo. Two weeks before Elio is released from prison, he finds out that his brother Meir was killed in a gang fight on the streets of South Tel Aviv. He now has two


Rating=9,1 / 10 / Brandon Block / USA / audience score=35 Vote / Creator=Brandon Block


  • 90 min
  • Actor - Enikö Dobó
  • Country - Hungary
  • release year - 2018
  • Our story unfolds parallel to the uncovering of hidden messages in a mysterious painting. The painting in question is The Ambassadors, the well known work of Hans Holbein which at several points inflicts a wound upon a reality depicted as harmonious and complete. One such wound is the anamorphic skull which drifts in the foreground of the painting conveying a paradox impression that makes the viewer question what he/she sees and does not see. This visual sensation arouses the suspicion that here, within the universe of Holbein's painting rhizomatic meanings run along behind and beyond the simple representation as the story of the characters in the film is also mysteriously connected to events of this 500 year old time segment

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  1. director - Reis Çelik
  2. Genres - Documentary
  3. Country - Germany
  4. Cast - Tuncel Kurtiz

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