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release year 2015 / When the lights go out during Hurricane Sandy, Dan falls and butt-dials his ex-girlfriend. Her name also happens to be Sandy. He takes it as a sign to visit her. Mimicking the hurricane's capacity to cross boundaries, interviews with firefighters who lost their homes during Sandy are intercut with this romantic comedy. The resulting clash of genres creates unexpected juxtapositions that illuminate both the global and local dimensions of the storm / Writed by Richard Ledes / tomatometers 8,3 of 10 Stars / Genres News

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  • Average rating 8 / 10 Star
  • 13 votes
  • A history of science-fiction programs on television
  • Documentary


Release Year 1980; Director Chantal Akerman; user rating 7,8 / 10 stars; France

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Score=22 Vote / Ana Cecilia Rojas, Magaly Cabrera / country=Switzerland / Tomatometer=7,3 / 10 / writed by=Kristina Konrad

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directors - Carl Lindbergh. writed by - Carl Lindbergh. Genre - Horror. rating - 1088 Votes. Movie Info - Bunnyman is a movie starring Cheryl Texiera, Matthew Albrecht, and Alaina Agianci. A couple of dimwitted teens get chased by a killer dressed in a bunny suit


Release Date - 2011; genre - Documentary; rating - 38 Vote; Director - Michael Truscello; Tomatometers - 7,3 of 10

2560X1440 Veoh Happiness At Work

Genre: Documentary

runtime: 54 M

Ratings: 7,4 of 10 stars

Is work oppressive? As illustrated by the recent wave of suicides in major companies, a profound malaise exists. Constant urgency, excessive workloads, lack of training, disarray in corporate organization, management by terror; the 21st Century workplace is continually leaving new victims. Why?

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