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Country USA

Duration 1Hour 33M


summary Harvard Park is a TV movie starring Eric Davis and Darryl Strawberry. A moving documentary about how a small baseball field in South Central Los Angeles became the proving ground for several legendary baseball players, including

Genre Documentary

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description A man stranded in the Arctic after an airplane crash must decide whether to remain in the relative safety of his makeshift camp or to embark on a deadly trek through the unknown in hopes of making it out alive

Genre Drama

Average rating 7,4 / 10 Stars

directors Joe Penna

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  1. brief - News of the massive protests that followed rigged presidential elections in Ukraine dominated headlines all over the world in late 2004. A fierce campaign between Yushchenko, the outspoken opposition leader, and Yanukovich, the handpicked successor to an unpopular, Kremlin-supported regime, became mired in controversy. Not only was Viktor Yushchenko banned from access to state-owned radio and television, he was poisoned, leaving him in terrible pain, his face severely scarred by a toxin. When the state declared Viktor Yanukovich the winner, contrary to the results of any credible exit poll, the people had had enough. For 17 days straight, braving freezing temperatures and falling snow, half a million Ukrainians took to the streets in the capital. They lived in tents, refusing to abandon their protest despite the threat of violence at the hands of the regime. In the words of journalist Volodomyr Ariev, the Orange Revolution defined a historic turning point for Ukraine, one that allowed the country to move "into a new era, a new life and new possibilities."
  2. duration - 1hour 46 Minute
  3. genre - Documentary
  4. average Rating - 8,1 / 10 star


genres - Documentary
release Year - 2004
Countries - Finland
Runtime - 1 H, 9 minutes
Star - Maijaliisa Soivio

Putlocker k2s language norwegian norwegian Squeeze Take Me I'm Yours movienight 170

Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford, the men behind Squeeze have been called everything from 'the new Lennon and McCartney' to the 'Godfathers of Brit Pop'. Now thirty five years after their first record release, Squeeze Take Me I'm Yours reappraises the song-writing genius of Difford and Tilbrook, and shows why Squeeze hold a special place in British Popular music. 'Take Me I'm Yours' is the story of Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook, two working class kids from South East London, who in 1974 formed 'Squeeze', with the dream of one day appearing on Top of The Pops. In 1978 they achieved that dream when the single Take Me I'm Yours, gave the band the first of a string of top twenty hits. The period 1978-1982 saw the group release a run of classic singles, timeless gems such as, Cool For Cats, Up the Junction, Labelled with Love, Tempted and Pulling Mussels from a Shell to name but a few. Although the line up of Squeeze would go through various changes of personal (another founder member Jools Holland would leave during 1980 and then later re-join the group in 85) it is Difford and Tilbrook's songs that have remained the constant throughout the lifetime of the band. Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook tell us the how the came to write and record many of their greatest songs. Although their relationship at times has often been tenuous at best, the mutual admiration for each other's talent has produced some of the best songs of the past forty years Bob Smeaton Runtime: 59 minute release Year: 2012 Genres: Documentary

So Many Years, So Many Tears StreamShark how to stream

Directors - Julie Dole / 8,1 of 10 / country - USA / genres - Documentary

Movienight Jackson Pollock (on tv)

Stars Lee Krasner / Genre Documentary / runtime 52 M / 7,2 of 10


  1. scores 42 votes
  2. Countries Germany
  3. info Harald Schumann talks to people from every walk of life to understand the situation in Greece. From ordinary shopkeepers to people from within the Troika
  4. Genre Documentary
  5. creator Harald Schumann

2002 Year London Orbital 106

2002 / Directors - Iain Sinclair / A filmmaker sets out to make a voyage of discovery on London's orbital motorway, the M25. He enlists the help of several others to film the motorway from several points, drive endlessly around it and dig up stories and potential beauty behind the motorway / Creators - Christopher Petit / Actor - J.G. Ballard

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genres - Drama


Average rating - 6,9 of 10 Stars

30 Vote

Petr Forman

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