Brief - Two butt-head brothers are muddled in the midst of executing a bomb threat. What's worse than a national bomb scare? When the bomb is in the hands of two idiots. Tomatometers - 5,3 / 10. runtime - 1Hours, 52 M. Country - India. Genres - Comedy

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This will not be a hit as 3 idiots... even with Aamir Khan I think he has played this life love simple be happy card to many times. I know he cant do those College films anymore but seriously you need a thriller where you are kicking ass a Liam Neeson film has they call it now in Hollywood. But I will still watch it because its Aamir hope the popcorn is good. Gollu Aur Pappu. My favorite. Wow. I loved it. Wow. Amazing. Beautiful city of Bruges. Raju is great. Eagerly waiting for adventures of Pk.

4:25 Anushka thinks its a big achievement🤣

Gollu* au,r'Pa&p'pu'Free'Movie.' Watch Gollu aur Pappu movie tamil dubbed download. HD Gollu aur Pappu Found here. Streaming Online Gollu aur. Hmm Very Good Song. AWESOOOOMMMME. Look,here, Gollu,aur,Pappu) GolluaurPappu English Film Live Steaming Watch gollu aur pappu Online MOJOboxoffice.



Beside of comic there is something serious in the movie i can feel  it. Achi muvi h. Raju hirani& aamir khan,incredible talent. Lovely song and pk dance is great nanga punga😀😀🤣.





Aamir ur simply awsom. 3.
4:25 Anushka thinks its a big achievement🤣.
Phone sport musical Gollu aur papoul.

The band in the boat are Donder In 't Hooi, and we had a wonderful time with the actors and crew from the movie. All very nice people.

Phone sport musical Gollu aur papouasie

NICE MOVIE LOVE YOU AAMIR. I ♥️ you ANUSHKA mam. 1.34 good scene. Phone sport musical Gollu aur papou. From turkey with Love. I Love Amir Khan. Film making is such great thing, I feel people are really luck to be involved in this shoot... Wish to work with Raju one day 😊😊. I live near bruges. Mere career ki saari films taraaju ke ek taraf aur PK ek taraf - Aamir.

Ohhh sushant is looking so cute 😍😍😍

This is so nice wow I very love this song thanks. That duckface at 0:41. Aamir Is Best.





Am I the only one that is actually excited for the film? Who cares if it's resemblance of a Hollywood movie? although i am pretty sure it's not.) All I care is about the Bollywood masala. and Anushka's lip job doesn't seem to bother me THAT much. Yeah I am also strongly against plastic surgeries but people are making it seem like THE ENTIRE MOVIE is gonna be bad ans worthless. Just don't judge the movie without seeing it. And this song is so damn cuutteee. I watched it twice and loved it the second time no less than the first. To those who bring up religions and feel like they need to stand up to defend your religion in the comment section, I strongly advise you to watch the movie again because it clearly shows you didn't get the message that's brilliantly crafted throughout the movie the first time.

Fuckkkkkk. 19 dec is so far. That duckface at 0:41. Sushant Singh Rajput is like the cutest thing ever! <3. Fancy watching 'Gollu Aur Pappu' on your TV, phone, or tablet? Discovering a streaming service to buy, rent, download, or view the Kabir Sadanand-directed. I ♥️ you ANUSHKA mam. Wowww Aamir one of the great actors of all time. The band in the boat are Donder In 't Hooi, and we had a wonderful time with the actors and crew from the movie. All very nice people. This song is like teasing me, i am too not that tall, felt mocked calling TINGA TINGA  but i enjoyed it. This is sweet. Ohhh sushant is looking so cute 😍😍😍.


G%vxddrflfgghxcljcukjhdj9+8*bng& 0. My favorite. This is called Sweet which we were missing for a longtime. Watch Gollu Aur Pappu, Prime Video. Nov 20, 2014 Stream & watch back to back Full Movies only on Eros Now - GfuYux Ready or.Duration: 2:31 Posted: Nov 20, 2014.


Nice songs. Hehe😆 nyc.



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