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Spotted: Serena Van der Woodsen on a surfboard in paradise trying to escape all that Upper East Side drama. But be careful S. You never know what hides in the shallows. Some creatures out there might be even more snappy than those Manhattan mean girls. Life or death, what will it be? Looks like this choice might not be up to our girl Serena this time. XOXO Gossip Girl.

So is will smith going to rap a friend like me. Just saw Captain Marvel. I must say it was a pretty good movie. I learned to not listen to angry youtube anymore. Sonic's trailer traumatized me 😂. It could never be as good as the original 😶. I need a Hero fit the trailer perfectly. Terrible. And yet we cant get a Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie. Can't wait to see Marvel take on Thanos 🤯. Tää on hyvä elokuva. That was a great short film. Not the Swallows & Amazons I know. Given that it's part-produced by the BBC, I'm surprised they didn't go all multicultural and make half the characters disabled refugee Asian lesbians. After all, they seem to have changed just about everything else.

Alaaddin motion capture is already better than small eye sonic.
Not going to lie, it looks fun to watch.
My friends are all talking about End Game. why dont they just talk about Detective Pikachu.
Sonic is way better.
Pikachu is my favorite stuffed toy of all time.





They got my boi vigil from rainbow six siege. This movie was excellent! Me and my sister both loved it. It's exciting and well made. I need my two minutes back.


Every wattpad trilogy ever. Jafar is too young, i always imagined him to be 45-50. The core of this movie is the seagull. Very underrated movie. NO NUT NOVEMBER. After watching this movie I can proudly say that Nick Fury is Captain Marvel's boyfriend... Holy Shoot. The song A Whole New World, is sounding good.


And they said this movie was a mistake. Have you seen the Sonic movie. Spoiler Alert: Deadpool comes and saves her.

Oke, so skrull it's not a bad guy

The hell is this? Only good part was in Rio which was filmed in my village. Everything else was terrible. Getting rid of the pirates are ruthless line was terrible. The amazons couldn't act to save their lives. Awful. Don't bother. True fact: Sharks don't stalk people. LEXI FROM THE VAMPIRE DIARIES IM SCREAMING. Dark avengers will come to MCU in phace 4.

This looks like a very strange remake of Alex Garland's The Beach



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