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review: Shooters is a movie starring Adrian Dunbar, Andrew Howard, and Louis Dempsey. Gilly, fresh out of prison, and J, a hustler with a major drug problem, just can't shake their criminal ways Directed by: Glenn Durfort Countries: Netherlands tomatometers: 5,8 of 10 1074 Votes

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I seem to be submersing myself on British films lately. This was transparent from the start but it held my attention. I wanted to wait it out until the end to see how these characters prevailed or failed. Good action sequences. as action goes. As an American I am always looking for life in the UK. But I can't really compare gang war from one country to the ankfully I am not fluent in either. I have to say that I have been watching Ioan Gruffudd for some time now and that was my motivation for seeing this film, along with his flatmate Mathew Ryhs. Quite nice to look at even for brief moments. Why do I have to submit 10 lines? I am not a literary agent. ohcheap1.

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At the moment on beggining I was think that this was Denzel Washington :D. Irving Lambert lives. So I think its on xbox so I might see it on my xbox tomorrow, I hope that its on there.


Snipers, are you in good hands. The dialogue was kinda funny to listen to 😁. Looks like we're back to the early 2000's. Thought this was Sniper : ghost warrior the movie. I thought it was denzil Washington that's only reason I clicked. Wow intense, this is one comedy movie I can't wait to watch.


Is it me or does dennis haysbert look like denzel washington. Billy Zane? I'm in. Umm. where. Où on Peut trouver la suite de se film. These rockets look like they have been made from a smartphone app XD. Never happend. Thought I was watching an Allstate commercial. This looks intense, day 1 buy hopefully. Yeah, coming soon to DVD. Id rather see Escape From Tarkov on Xbox.




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