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Duration: 107 Minute; 6,3 of 10; Creator: Srijit Mukherji; actor: Ritwick Chakraborty; 530 vote

Last Update: Thursday, 02-Jan-20 12:59:15 UTC

Nirbaak India


I can't believe that Mr. Mukherjee who direct Mishar Rahashya or Hemlock society can make this kind of learge scale move. Totally control, balance and cool movie in one word. German Translation of "stream. The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. Over 100,000 German translations of English words and phrases.

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Great that it is released in #Pune @Inox, Amanora and Phoenix #Nirbashito Its high time we we need to realize #Extremism is a threat to World Peace. Peace. Anyone else in 2019.


Ki cinema. Who is here after vidhya balans version of the film. Just awesome. really waiting to watch the movie. Anyone here after watching Begum Jaan trailer. I want to watch Rajkahini, the full movie. Can anyone please upload. Wonderful trailor! Eagerly waiting for the movie. And hats off to theDIRECTOR,the SANJAY NAG. গান শুনেই নির্বাক.

এক বছর হয়ে গেল. ট্রেলার টা দেখলে এখনো গায়ে কাঁটা দেয়


This is better than Begam jaan

Link plz. Any #Vidya 's fan here. Just awesome trailer srijit da.






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New Bangla Movie Nirbaak 2015 Bangla Movie HD Full. Here are my top 15 favorite foreign language movies, if you want, you can recommend me 10/15 your favorite foreign language movies without English and not any language twice. 1) Rashomon (Japanese) 2) Diabolique (French) 3) Nirbaak (Bangla) 4) Tumbbad (Hindi) 5) Amores Perros (Spanish) 6) Let the Right On in (Swedish) 7) Operation Y and Shurik's Other Adventures (Russian) 8 ) The Hunt (Danish) 9) Memories of Murder (Korean) 10) God's must be crazy (south africa) 11) Children of.

Nirbaak. Favorite foreign language movies. Just watched an Indian Bengali film - Nirbaak (speechless. It has a story about a tree who loves a human (played by Sushmita Sen. It has a dream sequence where the tree is dreaming of the lady. (There is also a bizarre sequence in which the tree masturbates seeing the lady - but that is besides the point.) So, I was wondering of there are other such dream sequences where a non-animal dreams in cinema? Point them out reddit. A tree's dream sequence.




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