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Stars - Richard Donelly Duration - 96 minutes User Rating - 8,2 of 10 Roger Saquet Countries - USA

Last Update: Tuesday, 14-Jan-20 00:03:26 UTC

Urban Relics





He stands for Truth,Justice and the Communist Manifesto. This is like stephen king, American horror story and Harry potter mix together lmao. Trailer looks like a combined version of Thor Ragnarok+ Stranger things 3. Am I the only that cant take this movie serious because its starring Adam Sandler and I dont know tf this movie is about. Now everyone is going to be flocking to watch the shining and hopefully not the original one with jack nicholson...

I don't usually go to the cinema a lot but I'm keen to make a trip when this movie drops cause it looks amazing. Incoming That's just a trashcan meme. lol. A new civilization (again. I always called it the Force. It is uncanny how much Sandler looks like a younger John Turturro. “And what should I call you?” “Cyka blyat”.






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