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This movie is very funny.
First time I saw it (6 years ago) I didn't like it that much. I just saw for the second time - and now I love it. The acting is very sarcastic and rough - but it's on purpose. It might not all be character actors like Mads Mikkelsen and Ulrich Thomsen, but there is some very decent actors. Tommy Kenter is very good as the self absorbed 'artistdrunk' and Søren Pilmark is very good as a complete cynic interrogator.
I like the concept so much (Kantian duty-based ethics versus a cynic utilitarian ethics) and I was laughing all way through. The plot is twisted and very ironic. I can recommend this to everybody that like a strong concept and a lot of silly and black humor. It might not be a a great danish masterpiece, but it is very entertaining. A good laugh.

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