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Action, Thriller / year - 2014 / 124 m / Writed by - Jami / rating - 2990 votes

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O21 (or Operation 21 formerly The Extortionist is a 2014 Pakistani spy thriller film, directed by Jami, and Summer Nicks and produced by Zeba Bakhtiar and her son Azaan Sami Khan It is the first.

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Written by Umais Bin Sajjad O21 (Operation 21) 2014 Movie - 550MB in Pakistani Click Here To Download [550MB] OR Click Here To Watch Online SCREEN SHOTS Tags:O21 (Operation 21) 2014 Full Movie,O21 (Operation 21) 2014 Movie Download,O21 (Operation 21) 2014 Movie Khatrimaza,O21 (Operation 21) 2014 WebRip Download, O21 (Operation 21) 2014. Free stream operation: 021 7. Free stream operation: 021 12. #O21 is not a spoon feeder and requires your complete attention throughout. The Pakistani Cinema is evolving and this educating masterpiece by Jami is even better than many much-hyped Hollywood flicks. A MUST watch for the learned ! Awaiting its International release.

Just watched this movie and I must say that Lollywood is maturing a mile ahead of its neighboring industry. For any viewer, the first part of the movie required their patience, however the second part was where the story picked its motion. Having said all this, I think this movie if marketed well should do well abroad Pakistan. Most of the dialogues of this movie were in English, where as it is difficult for the general Pakistani masses to digest such hard stuff, where they are used to lighter things as tea with sugar. I think it should have been dubbed in Urdu for a common Pakistani man and the current version should have been there to target the intellectual and educated class. I hope the director and producer learns from this experience.Terming it as black coffee means signifies the flick being bitter, but has the capacity to open the the eyes of the audience of the the blunt realities of forces, which are more powerful than nations. Summing it up, I must say the effort was very much commendable and the movie does show the realities being faced by the Afghan nation and the similar corporate dilemma is also being faced by the people of Pakistan in Balochistan. In short. Team O21... Well Done...

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A man (Ayub Khoso) after 30 years of war in Afghanistan wants to save his country from another 50 years of corporate warfare. He works with his Pakistani ally Kashif Siddiqui (shaan) to save the two neighboring countries from further turmoil through a plan that could risk the lives of them and there families. Free stream operation: 021 3. Free stream operation: 021 online.


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Free O21. release `date` Watch O21 Online Free Full, Watch Online Cinemark. I love pak Army. में हिन्दुस्थान से हूं लेकिन ये मूवी अपने वतन से प्यार व मानव धर्म से जोड़ ती है बहुत अच्छा लगा. Yalghaar better then bahubali 2 cartoon movie agree hit like and comment. You must watch this movie. This can give competition to very good Hollywood movies. One of the very best movies from Pakistan. Please react Roy Roy coke studio. Topic acha tha pr siwaye Babar or Shafqat cheema or Chaudhry ko nikal lr acting sb ki bakwas thi especially wo jo 4 police wale thy unki Sikh ki phr bhi kch behtar thi or sherry ki to sb se bekar B grade movie lagi.

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