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There's nothing new about building a romantic comedy around someone increasingly conflicted about whether to go through with an anticipated marriage that is superficially advantageous or to blow it off in favor of a new and unconventional love. Israel has always appreciated this kind of comedy, generally involving a caricature of prosperous Ashkenazim. If it can somehow be made to involve disguises as well, and hiding behind doors and under blankets, and maybe a cute little child, so much the better. Salsa Tel Aviv starts out promising to hit all the buttons, with music and dancing thrown in. And there's nothing wrong with the music, but it's not highlighted and as others have commented, the dancing doesn't arrive in a quantity and quality that justifies its place in the title. And although the gags start out plentiful and exceptionally well executed, the movie evidently feels that having won our involvement by means of comedy, it can sell us some melodrama in a lengthy denouement. The problem is that the clichés turn more irritating when the comedy is missing. But that's only for a while at the end. Otherwise I think Salsa Tel Aviv is an enjoyable sentimental farce.

Movie falls short. I don't like the fact that she uses religion and God to get her needs, which are more about being a woman than a mother. I know this is a movie but it fell short in so many directions. The movie has a weak plot that never delivers. The Israeli Italian actor is probably what could save the movie. Only was able to watch about 40 minutes. Also, considering is a salsa movie, you would expect incredible dancing along with great soundtrack. Unfortunately, that doesn't deliver either Perhaps, if the sound track and dancing was showcased, maybe it would have deserved better ratings then an actual 2.
From the get-go, I knew this was going to be a standard lightweight boy-meets-girl piece of something forgettable, but with pickings being so slim at this time of the year, I was willing to leave the house for some good scenes at least of salsa dancing and soundtrack. Save your money and rent Havana Nights instead. although the original soundtrack included some great rhythms, the one or two short bits of dancing could have been easily missed if you dozed off. entirely possible given the very tired plot and phoned-in acting.
The Israeli (Italian? lead actor looked promising but delivered zero sex appeal, while his Mexican leading lady was strictly a buffoon from beginning to end. No satisfaction whatsoever, guaranteed.




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