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Action; Country=Hong Kong, Philippines; Monsour Del Rosario; duration=1 h, 41 M

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PUT THIS ON CANADIAN NETFLIX TOO PLS. So no more Sherlock? They got tired of waiting for Benedict and Martin with their busy sched... Omg last year i read a book, called Dolittle but now in this year they make a movie how nice. Why NETFLIX is saying it's Netflix original. Ace Ventura's remake looks great. But where's talking ass. Yue gui zhi language.


Yue gui zhi language. Yue gui zhi object. Yue gui zhi. Even if it says "Yukari Oshima" stars in this picture, and in letters as big as the title, don't get fooled. She appears only in the first 30 minutes, and after that we see the story of 3 other female agents unfold. Most likely this picture was created as a puzzle with parts from at least 3 different movies. What there is of a story continues like this: The 3 female agents I mentioned hunt a drug boss and kill his men ruthlessly, pushed by Chan who hopes to get promoted, he says, and doesn't mind that Rosa, one of the three, is desperate over her killing missions and wants to get out of that mess. In case the gun battles aren't enough to keep you awake, there are several sex scenes in between, more graphic than usual for the genre. To sum up the 85 minutes: there are better films around, but the high speed of the violent action makes sure you won't be bored. So-so.


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